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VIDA Foldaway Tote - Autumn Shades by VIDA BVLATR66Ch
VIDA Foldaway Tote - Autumn Shades by VIDA
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Updated on May 4, 2017

I am a spaniel owner and fan of this dog breed. I aim to share stories through writing and spread my knowledge about these great dogs.

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My Cocker Spaniel Can Have Bad Breath at Times

When I had my English Springer Spaniel, Lady, I hardly ever noticed any breath issues. Which was sort of strange, seeing as she was an outdoors and farming kind of dog that would investigate pretty much anything with her nose and mouth. You can use your imagination as far as what those things may or may not have been.

Enter my English Cocker Spaniel Luna who has bad breath issues, but came from a showing background and is not as much of an outdoor dog as Lady was. Her breath can be an issue at times, especially when she showers me with all of those licks that I enjoy so much.

First off, if you detect chronic bad breath in a dog, it could be an underlying issue of dental decay or gum disease, and you should definitely book an appointment with your veterinarian immediately to get it checked. Another cause could be a gastronomic problem, along with issues of liver or kidneys, not stuff to wait on or mess with. It could also just be time for routine dental maintenance such as a tooth and gum cleaning.

We brought Luna into our vet's offices, where my fiance works as a vet tech, and they were able to determine Luna had a clean bill of health as far as dental, and also no internal issues as well which was a relief. The doctor suggested part of the problem could be due to improper digestion of her food. He suggested a powder included in her food called Rx Zyme by Rx Vitamin company. One small scoop from the container into her meals is the dosage.

Basically, the product is an agent to help aid in food breakdown, as well as helping with breath, and aiding in good digestive health too. We definitely noticed an improvement after we started using it. Be sure to check with your vet though to make sure this or any other supplement is right for your dog. We always keep Luna on an organic and natural food diet and avoid processed foods to help digestion and promote overall health as well.

Dog dental chew treats could be an option for some breath maintenance. Our vet's office gave us samples of the Oravet brand dog hygiene chews, which came highly recommended because they were seeing results with other clients. Problem is, Luna would not touch them. Once in a while, we will give Luna half of one of the Milk Bone brand chews but they seem to have a lot of chemicals and not be the most organic natural option. So we pretty much use those in strict moderation even though Luna likes them.

Between grooming, for whatever reason, Luna seems to grow hair back around her mouth rather quickly. Before it gets long, we like to take our grooming clipper and very carefully, with a close guard on the clipper, buzz it back below the gums and down her chin. This simple maintenance makes it easier to help keep food particles and drool from getting around her mouth and in her cheeks. Between brushing and after meals, we also take a warm wet face cloth and wipe around her mouth and gums to help keep her as clean as possible.

While we have always brushed Luna's teeth, we have been more frequently brushing, making sure to really get inside of the mouth and around the tongue and spending more time while brushing. Luna actually does really well with getting her teeth brushed, and will wait patiently for us to be done, which is nice. However, if your dog is less than receptive to cleanings, and gives you a hard time with it, I included a great link below with lots of tips to get you going in the right direction.

Canine Tooth Brushing

You can also talk with your veterinarian about the different types of oral care and maintenance products on the market. Additives that are put into your dogs drinking water use enzyme systems to prevent plaque and odor-causing bacteria and attack biofilm. Gels further promote health by being applied to the gums that keep inflammation at bay from gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Breath freshener sprays use enzymes for anti-bacterial properties as well as fighting plaque. Oratene is a trusted name in the industry as far as quality of these products. Sometimes these practices can be used in lieu of brushing in dogs that are difficult to hold while giving dental care. It's all about finding what's right for you and your dog.

Are You Doing Any Of These To Help Bad Breath?

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